You never “find” time

“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.” – Anonymous

I was talking with an entrepreneur a couple of days ago, and she was implementing some of the strategies we were working on, and she let out a deep sigh…

“Things are crazy, and I’m having trouble making the time”.

I was actually very glad to hear her say this as it was a ‘letting your guard down’ moment. 

So rather than focusing in one what was missing, we had a short discussion about how to get the tasks done and most importantly when.

Personally, the first couple of hours of the day are the most creative for me.  It’s when I get my big ideas, identify problems my client are facing, develop solutions, and generally do what Perry Marshall calls $10,000 an hour work. 

It’s also when I try and write my email to you (and depending on the chaos happens some days and not on other).

My own letting down my guard…

I believe there are very specific ways you can free 8-10 hours a week to dedicate on the growth of your business.

To avoid the ‘cobbler’s shoes’ phenomenon that seems to plague all of us at some time or another. 

I know this is a very real problem that we all face, and I’d love to hear how you free up time to get work done? 

I have my own ideas, and I’m very interested to hear from you…

I’ll pull the best ideas together, and share them back.

Brandon “You can’t manage time” Pugsley

P.S.  I’m in the final phases of an implementation program designed to add a leveraged $10K+ a month to your business, and I’m looking for few case studies.  The program will last about 6 weeks.  If you consider yourself an action taker, deliver your expertise to clients, and feel that you’re not getting the income or impact you want from your business.  

Just contact me and I’ll share the details.

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