You don’t close the President

We’d just wrapped up…

3 years of work, countless hours, training, rework, adjusting to new intel…everything had gone into a 45 minute presentation.

We then had about 30 minutes of questions.

I was intently focused on the lady at the head of the table.  

SHE was the President.  

(Yes, I’ve actually briefed a former POTUS…but that’s a story for another day.)

I leaned back in my chair and waited. 

She was thinking, and I was resisting the urge to fill the space. 

Hanging in the balance was about 300 families.  

If we “closed” the deal, an entire office of people would continue working…if we didn’t…

One of the other consultant’s leaned forward and opened his mouth to say something.  

I kicked him under the table.

He jumped.  Rubbed his leg and stayed quiet.

I smiled at him (and he glared back at me).

That client ended up being close to $100 million for the life the relationship.

But here’s the thing…it started with a very basic email. 

And that initial “contract” was just a few thousand dollars, not much more than a $2,000 course. 

Surely, we could have closed them?  

The process that I learned negotiating deals with really smart, sharp, and focused business people has impacted thousands of lives.

If I’m having a conversation with a Fortune 50 CEO, am I going to close them with some wordsmithing manipulation?

Ok.  Why would I treat my personal clients with less respect? 

I want people to be my clients and even my friends for years…not just for this sale. 

It’s why I tend to laugh (or cringe) at the closing “tactics” I see.
We operate in the world of persuasion.  Copywriting, advertising, conversions and generating sales is how we make our living. 

But closing is a tactic.  One that puts you in direct conflict with your opponent.  

If you’ve spent time, energy, and money on ensuring that everything you’ve done is in their world.

They know like and trust you, your company, and believe your product.  You’re there to be their guide. 

And now, at the most critical time…you leave their world behind, and position yourself as an adversary. 

That’s why people hate sales…it’s all pressure.

And, it doesn’t have to be.

It’s also one of the fundamental systems I teach all my clients in my Legacy program.

Once you move past closing, 6 simple questions and the world opens up.  Those calls with potential clients turn into something much more.  

No pressure.  No games. And, even if they’re not a good fit you leave with a positive experience that builds your business.

Brandon “No closing allowed” Pugsley

P.S.  I’m getting ready to stand up a small Case Study group.  Expect it to last about 6 weeks.  If you’re a higher performer, sell your expertise to clients, and feel that you’re getting results that are a little ‘below the line’.  Just contact me and I’ll share the details.  

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