You can’t afford this muscle to atrophy

How many hours do you work a week?

Sitting at your desk, answering email, writing, building ads and funnels…or simply running your business.

40, 50, 60 hours…more?

I enjoy working with my clients.  I genuinely like writing, architecting offers, and building funnels. 

I get a thrill about seeing the sales come in, and then figuring out how to improve it.

But…sitting at a desk all day presents a different problem.

Last week I had to drive a couple of hours each way to attend an event.  It wasn’t a happy day, but one I felt I had to do for a friend of mine.

So in a single day, I had 4 hours of forced time sitting.

I could have jammed out to tunes, talked on the phone, or any number of other tasks.  And because it wasn’t uplifting trip it would have been easy to drop off and zone out.

But I didn’t.  By the time I got back I had almost 60 day’s worth of ideas.

Because I planned that drive to actually think about you and what you need to keep growing your business. 

(And I had a simple and safe way to record my thoughts…so I wasn’t doing something silly in the car.)

Yes, the mind is a very easily neglected muscle, and you don’t want it to atrophy. 

It happens easily because of my routines…and if you’re not careful it’ll bite you too.

Generating ideas that can be used in your business is a critical success factor. 

Downtime where you have time to think about this, not sitting in front of the computer is critical. 

No phone, social media, email, list of busy work tasks that can easily consume an entire day.

Just time to think.  Journal.  Read.  Or listen.  Time to let your mind come up with ideas. 

Sounds simple, and it is.  (Just have a pad and pen to capture thoughts as they bubble up).

But the impact to you and your business is significant.

Brandon “A little thinking workout” Pugsley

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