Would you walk away from more than 6-figures a year?

They said I was crazy…but maybe you can relate.

I’d spent years building up to this, and as I look at what had been built I realized something.

And…it kind of turned my stomach.

I could work in the business that I’d built for years to come, but there were things missing.

First and foremost was my family.

10 years went by in a blink.

Not only wasn’t I working less, I was working more. 

Weekends, holidays, long hours, constant travel…

THIS is what I’d been working for?


I wanted to be home. To be a Dad.  To make an impact, help others make an impact, and to set an example worth following.

Big shoes! But maybe you relate?

So I walked away from that multi-six figure income…and started again from scratch.

Since then I’ve coached more than 1,000 people on building Facebook Ads, I’ve sent more than 1 million email, and I’ve worked with a handful of clients on writing sales letters, email, and a few other done-for-your projects.

Bringing 20+ years experience in-the-trenches business building experience, uncertainty is something that I had to learn to be comfortable with.

But I kept working on the model, and dialing it in.  

“How can I deliver results?” being a constant question and reminder…

But with every person that I’ve worked with, there’s one word that continues to come up…that continues to be the very first indicator of success…

Do you know what it is?


When I get with my clients and help them get clear on their vision, we can lay out a plan that allows them to get to realize it.   

That’s actually the first step in the Legacy program…and without it we can’t move forward.

So…tell me…  What’s your vision? 

Brandon “Vision drives the mission” Pugsley

P.S.  I’m in the final phases of an implantation program, and I’m looking for few case studies.  Expect it to last about 6 weeks.  If you consider yourself an action taker, deliver your expertise to clients, and feel that you’re not getting the income or impact you want from your business.  Just contact me and I’ll share the details.

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