Winding the clock…and looking into the future

It was a little jolt.

On Tuesday morning I woke up and wrote like every other day.

Grabbed a cup of coffee, listened to the outdoors, and used my “creative time” as well as I could.

When I’d finished everything up, been tackled by all the kids, and grabbed a bite…

I finally opened my browser…and on the front page of one of the major sports was an “in memorium”.

One of the more well-known writers had died suddenly.

His name was Don Banks, and he covered the NFL.

I never met him, didn’t know him, but he impacted how I write. 

Reading that article, I learned that his Flagship article used to be called, “The Conscience”.

That kind of frames the type of person he was (from what I can tell and how people have talked about him over many years).

He was only 57.

Time is the most precious resource we have…

When you see something like that, does it make you reflect?

It does me.

As a business owner, a dad, and a husband…it’s a full life.

There’s always more to get done than I have time to accomplish.

I’m sure that you feel similar constraints…because I’ve never met someone who says they have all kinds of extra time J

Whether our jobs, our business, or our family…we get one shot in our life.

Make it count.

Many things that are important today are pretty small in the big scheme.

Work with people you like, cut out the drama in your life, and it’s pretty amazing the positive things that happen.

What about in your business? 

Do you have 1-thing right now that brings you joy, and allows you to spend your precious time with those you care about?

I’d love to hear what that is? 

It’s so different for everyone…so personal.

But worth it…

Brandon “Today’s a good day to start” Pugsley

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