Will you survive the coming blackout…

Could a single tree branch impact over 50 MILLION people? 

A few years back there was a little issue that begin when a branch fell on a power line.

Happens every day.  No big deal.

But, in this case the impact of that one little branch was power was lost for more than 50 million people all over the east coast of the US.

Crazy right?  Kind of scary too!

How can something as little as a branch have such a big impact…

For one, it’s a system and every system has points where there’s weakness.

Points where any impact creates ripples.   

Where a chain reaction expands waaaay beyond what it should.  

We all know there’s no perfect system, and you probably intuitively know where those weaknesses are in your biz.

Really, it’s pretty simple…

-generate traffic

-collect leads

-book intros

-enroll (make SALES!)

-retain students

Do you know what is really scary? 

The right pressure point a system can sometimes cause the whole thing to collapse.

In our world that first domino, where folks take their eyes off the ball, is the #1 most neglected part of the system. 

And, it’s virtually guaranteed to generate a sales blackout (at some point) because you’re treating it like the electrical grid. 

Fix the broken lines.  Focus when there’s an outage.  Respond to the calls. 

But the focus is on the back end…fulfillment and troubleshooting.

So, if you’re ready to get to the new lines, new equipment, and new opportunity to expand your sales… 

That’s where The Daily Lead upgrades your grid. 

A shift in focus that allows you to get in front of your outages…and connect.

Don’t forget to grab the early bird rate…

Brandon “Get ahead. Stay ahead“  Pugsley

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