Why you’re being ignored

A few weeks ago my lovely wife was cutting the grass while I was slaving away on some silly document. 

My son came in a yelled, “Dad…Mom’s stuck”. 

So, out I went and sure enough there’s the mower, buried to the axel, tires spinning in what used to be grass. 

I could see the clear tracks where the mower slid, tires spinning, because there was too much water in the ground.

Muck boots on.  A quick yank, and boom.  Back in business.

I head back in, smiling.  It’s really nice to be a team. 

Anyway, as I plop back into my chair, I hear the door.

“Dad!  Mom’s stuck…again”

Stifling a giggle I saunter back out.

Sure enough, there she is.  In all her glory.  About 10 feet further down the yard and laughing hysterically.

Love that woman!

What does this have to do with you? 

Well, interestingly enough, most instructors and coaches have this same issue.

They slide down, get stuck, and are unable to move forward.  

There are many reasons why…but here are a few:

  1. You’re being boring (you don’t do this when you teach, why in your message?)  
  2. TL;DR  (In the “content marketing” era, there’s just too much junk…in the ether.)
  3. Trying to be clever and cute (the flipside of #1) because there’s no plan.
  4. Mindless trolling (although the material’s useful).  Controversy is great, but there’s got to be a point.    
  5. Overteaching.  Use the law of attraction instead.
  6. Looks like spam.  Lots of this goin’ round.
  7. Giving free advice (Your members pay, and the Internet doesn’t want…hmmm)

And the list goes on.

Now before you even ask:  “Brandon, who cares???”

Well, if you are selling with intros or consults, and doing any of the above, then your audience is probably ignoring you too.

And, if they’re ignoring you, that means they aren’t watching you. And if they aren’t watching you, that means they aren’t buying from you. And if they aren’t buying from you, that means…well you get the picture.

All right, enough of this…

To learn my not-so-subtle ways go here:

Brandon “Mud Tires“ Pugsley

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