Why your email ends up in the junk folder

Never do this in an email…if you want it actually read!

Who are you writing to?

Is it your list, your customers, your prospects?

Your friend, family, or spouse?

I’ll bet that little ditty rarely enters your mind…

Because email makes more sales than any other digital channel, we get focused on chasing those dolla’ bills.  

But…the machines have gotten very smart!

There are hundreds of programs that process the language in your email.  They look for keywords, tone, emotion, positive v. negative, and countless other things as well.

Not to get too tecnogeek on ya, but it’s called semantic processing.  And they’re very good at it.

They also watch the behavior of the people who receive it.  

Do they open, read, click, mark as spam, and the list goes on. 

All this is fed into “The Algorithm”…

This might actually be what’s hiding in Loch Ness!

Anyway…why all the technobabble?

Well, technocrats understand the all-powerful user experience.  

This includes the Googles, Facebooks, and every other tech-giant. 

It also includes you!

The Google setup a whole system dedicated to separating sales email from your personal email, ”The Promotions Folder”. 

Ok…let’s break this down.

Your email is being banished to the email abyss for two very simple reasons:

#1.  You’re not writing to a friend.  

So, be personal.  Be involved.  Talk to an individual instead of “your list”…

Personal email gets read, which feeds Nessie The Algorithm.

#1.  You’re being boring.

(That was supposed to be #2, but I couldn’t decide which one should be first.)

We all love a good story, joke, parody, rumor, gossip…and the list goes on.

The point is that with all these things we like to read about, a sales message is nowhere in the top 1000.  

So, pummeling “your list” with a sales message should get you put in the sin bin.

Because…there’s just no need.

Email that’s personal and entertaining gets read, responded to, and acted on.

Simple right. 

These two things will keep you out of the “junk folder”, get you more sales, and will absolutely change your business.

It will also keep you from searching the Loch just to keep you out of the “junk folder”.

SO, want to make more sales with your email?

Brandon “Feed Nessie The Algorithm” Pugsley

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