Why skeptics are your best customers…

What happens when you get a bunch of sharks sitting around a campfire talking shop?

Of course we end up slinging mud at each other.  Hey, someone has to bear the brunt of the jokes.

And…if you’re doing something…um…stupid, you can expect to get called out, get a new nickname, and definitely get teased.

It’s all in good fun, but pushing each other is what leads to accountability and what pushes you to break through the barrier you’re currently facing.

In other words…it’s critical.

So, we were noodling through a funnel that was working ok, but it fatigued very quickly. Ultimately the offer was structured to attract a customer that wasn’t going to last. 

It was too superficial to attract anyone but the “hyper buyers”.

It doesn’t matter if you have 100, 1000, or a 1,000,000 people in your audience.

There will be a percentage of people who are a “hyper buyers”…those that buy very quickly…

There’s also a percentage who will never buy, and there’s a group that I call “the skeptics”.

It’s very easy to focus on the “hyper buyers”… That 5% or less that just buy. 

It’s low hanging fruit, and (being honest) it’s a lot of fun to see those sales come in.


The downside is that you’ll burn through your audience quickly, the cash-flow will dry up, and you’ll have to be working on another funnel.

That’s why I teach people to target the skeptics.

One, they’re a better buyer.  They’ll do the work, they refund less, and if you deliver a service they’re a much better client.   Plus, they’ll be repeat and long term buyers.

My experience…you use email to attract the people you want to do business with, and repel those that you don’t, the skeptics become your biggest segment of buyers. 

Of course…your mileage may vary.

Fundamentally that’s why your personality and connection with your list is important.

Enjoy the journey!

Brandon “Build a deeper connection” Pugsley

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