Why advertising may not be the “utopia” everyone says

You have to be using Facebook ads… 

That’s the drumbeat we hear.

(Or LinkedIn, or Instagram, or…)

I should be really clear here, because I’m a massive believer in paid advertising.

But, here’s the rub.

It’s actually pretty easy to put dollars into any advertising channel and create leads (or sales).

And most businesses work very diligently to follow-up with these leads, at least in some way to see if they can help.

It’s the most basic form of a customer journey in business, and if you can’t do that you’ll end up out of the game completely.

But what if you could increase your revenue by 25%, 50%, or more without putting any more dollars into ads? 

When a business has been around for a while there are common issues that creep in…

Not because of intent, but more like convenience. 

The pressure of meeting deadlines, fulfilling on a program or service, or simply working too many hours takes a toll.

If you’ve been in business for a few years, and have a list or database of clients and prospects, you are extremely likely to have large untapped revenue pockets already in your business.

Here’s how to start looking for this “buried treasure”.

Begin by emailing your list, and a daily (or almost daily) message would be best.

This isn’t a sales campaign, or a marketing campaign.

It’s done so you can begin building a relationship that goes beyond the “Always Be Closing” mantra that has been mangled by pop-culture.

No matter what you program, service, or product you provide, people want to buy from people they like.

The only way that can happen is if you actually talk with them…

Well, the first day is today J

Tell a success story about one of your customers, and keep the sales to an absolute minimum.  

​​(Like how this email only has a very soft CTA in the P.S.) 

Keep it simple and light…

Brandon “The treasure hunter” Pugsley

P.S. If you’d like me to work with you to find “lost revenue” without advertising…

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