What I told 46 clients this week to do (and it only takes 1 minute)

Ever opened Facebook, and lost and hour…or two?

What about YouTube, or Instagram?

Whole lives are getting sucked upon on social media platforms, and it’s by design.

Should you abandon the platform, erase them from your phone, and run screaming off the grid and get fitted for a tin foil hat? 

Ok…maybe that’s a little draconian 🙂 


I do want to talk with you is about quickly transforming from being a consumer…to becoming a producer.

There’s a big opportunity right now for you and your business.  

If you already have an audience built, then you’re likely doing fine.  And there are absolutely certain offers that are doing excellent as well.  

But, I’ve been really helping those that don’t have that large audience already built.

More people are on social now than ever before, and ad costs are at historical lows. 

There’s opportunity here…but we don’t want be tone deaf or hurt your brand either.  And it’s not about making a quick buck.  

It’s about helping people now and getting through this with momentum that can carry you forward.  

It’s really a very simple first step…

Make a 1 minute video about WHY you do what you do.

People are looking for connection, leadership, and community. 

Serve your audience and as things recover you’ll be in a position to recover fast too.

It really is about the people!

Brandon “Taking action” Pugsley

P.S.  After your 1 minute “why” video, jump over to my free group at and take the next steps.

I’ve got a series of interviews from experts (and coaching and training by me) Rachel Miller, Joel Erway (Offers), Russ Henneberry (content), Charles Kirkland (media buying), Dean Edelson (Senior Copywriter at ClickFunnels), & Chris Rocheleau (Social media copywriter) all queued up for you…

Plus, Chris and I are going to be doing ad and funnel tear-downs for people in the group too. 


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