What I learned at the County Fair about Facebook

Ever been to the County Fair? 

Every year there are little fairs that begin the turn towards fall.  People flock to em’ for Bull Riding, the demolition derby, and of course the rides.

Well, we took the kiddos over and got them the “ride-till-you-die” package.

There’s this one ride, and every fair has a version of it.  It’s a spinner.  At our fair they called it the Spaceship 3000.

I call it, “the merry-go-round from hell”.

You walk in, stay standing, grab a spot on edge, and it spins. 

That’s it.  

It spins.  It uses centrifugal force to keep you on pinned to the edge.  It spins faster.  It angles.  And spins faster.  You try and keep from vomiting…IT SPINS FASTER!!!   FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN!!!  (and it spins faster)…

After lurching out of that accursed device, and grabbing the ground…because that was the only thing THAT WASN’T SPINNING!

I gladly watched the kiddos bounce from spinning ride to spinning ride for the next couple of hours. 

They had a blast.  Me, I was glad to just stop spinning…

As I sweltered in the heat, watching the kids spin, I started listening to the “barkers”.

Ya know.  The workers setup between all the rides with the pay-to-play games that look simple, and are designed to separate you from your moolah.

Here was the cool thing. 

They really wanted you to win.  Because the more you won, the more other people would come and play!   

Cool little hook…

A little micro-environment built around the same behavior as Facebook.


Everything designed to feed that dopamine drip.  To make you feel good, spend more time, and more money in their world…

So, are you building engagement?  What’s your tool of choice? social media, email, video, Facebook…

My personal preference is email, but that’s because I like sales. J

No matter, take the lesson to heart.  It’s massive! 

People spend money where they engage, and that’ll either be you or your competition.  Have fun with it, and it’ll lead to many more sales.

If you want to join in and jump from the top of what you’ve already built?

Brandon “Finally stopped spinning” Pugsley

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