Welcome to “The REAL…”

Let’s chat about The Matrix.
There’s a scene where Neo is searching for the mystery man, Morpheus. 
We find out pretty quickly that what he was actually seeking was an answer to a question. 
A splinter in his mind that drove him to keep looking. 
When Neo meets Morpheus, it was definitely not under ideal circumstances…
In fact, he had his life pretty much turned upside-down in a single day.  
But, eventually Neo got to meet Morpheus and ask his question:
“What is the Matrix?” 
The answer was not what he expected.  
More let me show…
And Morpheus, well he gave Neo a choice.  Or more accurately, he made him choose.​​ 
Take the blue pill, and believe “anything you want”…Or take the red pill, and “I’ll show you how far the rabbit hole goes”.
When we talk about lead generation…
When we talk about what it takes to build quality leads that want your program.
It’s very similar. 
There plenty of information available that will answer the question, “how do I fill more intros”?
Some of it works pretty well. Some of it works but takes waaaay too much effort.  And, of course, you have “the real world” of what you’re doing now.
But I want you to experience the shift.
That’s where the opportunity really lies.  
When you mind is exploding with ideas.  You see stories, and fun, and proof everywhere.  Opportunities to share, and an audience that’s looking for ‘em.
When you look at your lead gen efforts from within the Matrix, you see the results you’re getting now.
When I look, I see the results that could be.
More intros. More sales.  More…  
Morpheus said, “I can only show you the door”.
I’m not saying my system is a magic pill, or that it doesn’t take work.
But, short focused daily bursts of work sets you up to get…more.
To learn my opposite of mind bending ways (and get the early-bird pricing):
Brandon “Take the red pill” Pugsley

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