Watching someone else celebrate…

watching others celebrate


My phone went off…I bolted upright and my heart jumped to about 200 beats a minute.

It was way too early in the morning. Something had to be wrong.

(I turn off the sound on my phone.  But, my family all are setup as emergency contacts so everything will come through).

I cleared the fog in my brain and looked at my phone…

It was my brother.  His wife’s water broke a month early, and he was letting me know I was a new first-time Uncle.

Cool…and exhale…

Then, I got excited for him and smiled looking at the picture of his new baby daughter 🙂

And worked on getting that damn adrenaline to stop cursing through my body.

Oh, well…I can get up and write. 

I texted him back , “life will never be the same :)”

All of a sudden the world gets a whole lot bigger…and a whole lot smaller at the same time.

It’s kind of a weird feeling.

You’re working really hard to do something great, and you watch time slip away at the same time.

It’s the ultimate contradiction.  I’ve lived it…

I’d do anything for my family, but the harder I worked…the more hours I put in…the more I missed out.

That’s where the very smallest seed of an idea began.  It’s grown over time, and now I’m beginning to roll out all those years of experience into a program I call LEGACY.

I needed a way to deliver results for my clients and still not suck me into the all-consuming time trap that done-for-you services require. 

Because time is moving faster than ever…

But I’ve really learned to apply leverage…it’s more than a physics exercise.

Stay tuned.  This is going to be fun!

Brandon “Time is finite” Pugsley

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