Wanted to slap em’ with a hammer

Ran across this joker…and it got me steamed…
I spend a lot of time every week talking with friends and other agencies that run Facebook Ads. 
Combined we literally spend multiple millions of dollars every year on ads, and it’s one of the biggest reasons I’ve been able to help so many programs. 
The lessons learned, insights, strategy, copy, and what’s working now allow me to give current guidance and keep my clients on the front edge…without them having to spend those kinds of dolla’ bills. 
Because makin’ it rain for the Zuck is not my idea of a good time 🙂
Anyway, one of my friends go got a message from a very small school that “wasn’t getting anything” from Facebook despite putting some decent money into their campaign. 
Like any troubleshooting, we always go back to basics.
Just like when you teaching martial arts, it usually boils down to a fundamental problem and is pretty simple to fix.  
But here was the problem, if you were teaching someone and didn’t even know the basics of the art you were teaching…what would you do?
Well…if you were teaching my kids, it’d make me want to smack you with a hammer.
There are B.S. artists all over the place like this joker who ripped of this owner, and it ends up destroying the reputation of legitimate pros everywhere.

It makes it hard on everyone.​​ 
No different than the McDojo jokes running around, yet every single owner I know prides themselves on really teaching people their art. 
But the damage is done…
So, how do we turn the tide?

It’s not by burying our head in the sand, and never using the most powerful contact platform in history.
And…no!  You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to take advantage of it.  
In fact, it starts with the basics.

​Using different kinds of story to reach out build your audience.

​I’m going to cover a bunch of them in the July edition of The Daily Lead.
All right, this is long enough, and early bird pricing is still available:
Brandon “Got my tool-belt” Pugsley

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