Tumbling Down the Edutainment Rabbit Hole

A couple of days ago, I got asked a question about selling a ‘boring’ service with The Daily Lead.

The sun was shining, birds were singing, and the kids weren’t killin’ each other so I had a few minutes to listen.

Now, I didn’t think it was boring (in fact I really enjoy being a member), but listening to him I began to hear the problem.

“I’m having trouble coming up with ways to keep talking about our program.  It works for a few days, but I get stuck.  And, people are kind of zoning out.”

I understood completely.

We are definitely creatures of habit and if you deliver expertise in your business, your deliver results through your program.

It’s why the “give value” mantra is so appealing. 

It’s easy for you…and people like you.

Even The Mad Hatter understands…“Trust me. I know a thing or two about liking people, and in time, after much chocolate and cream cake, ‘like’ turns into ‘what was his name again?’.”

See after a few messages of teaching, you’ll begin to disappear like the Cheshire cat.

You’ll really be in wonderland.  Things look real that aren’t.  Your path seems clear, but won’t stay under your feet.  And, you’ve ended up in an epic battle with the Queen of Content.

But, when you use ed-ju-tain-ment…well, now, some will think you’ve gone Bonkers.

Breaking out my best Mad Hatter voice, “But I’ll tell you a secret.  All the best people are.”

What’s really exciting is that you get to choose the path (and I love seeing the impact!)

Well, in this month’s edition of The Daily Lead I’m going to give you a whole hat of ways to use edutainment to make more sales.

Anyway, the early bird rabbit hole is getting close to closing. 

Dive in here while you still can:

Brandon “Follow the white rabbit” Pugsley

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