Trying to live off cotton candy?

It started out as a simple question, “what do you want”?

I sat there on the chair, by the beach in San Diego, and thought…

“Holy crap, I don’t know”.

I’m used to putting people under the microscope. To help them get past the mental head trash that keeps them from moving forward.

But, that simple question is something I’ve never given a lot of thought to “what do I want”.


Because of life.

4 kids, a business, teaching martial arts, my wife…

Sitting around pondering the existence of the universe, or some esoteric goal just isn’t something that I’ve ever taken the time to do.

There’s always been challenge, obstacles, and…even dragons to slay.

A job needs done we do it.

A goal need set we set it.

A skill needs learned we learn it.

As my business has begun growing I’ve noticed the difference.

Corporations are driven by the ledger.

And the “employee” mindset is an insidious trap that’s easy and comfortable. Because you’re being paid to support the company’s objective.

A piece of the machine.

But, we’re learning a lot about people now.

It’s why “side-hustles” have become so popular.

Why work-life balance is a thing.

Financial goals are understandable, particularly in the beginning. And, I know plenty of people, myself included, that have real financial goals that drive us.

But “motivation” by itself is a fleeting thing. Often, it’s like eating cotton candy.

A couple of moments of yum, and then…

It brings us back to that question, “What do you want?”

Just 4 little words, but they sure do matter.

I’ve been having this conversation with Melissa (and the kids too), and I’d like to encourage you to do so also.

When you have something that grabs you…that’s not cotton candy, unicorns and rainbows…click that little reply button and share it.

One of my realizations is, I like to work with people that are doing hard things.

Ambitious. Difficult. Big hairy and audacious… YES!

But, it doesn’t need to start there.

What about you?

Brandon “Not settling for ordinary” Pugsley

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