Troll shows why a strong mental game is a must

Ahh, criticism.

Yesterday I caught the slings from some poor soul that I insulted.  Apparently, I did the grievous by pushing them to take action.  

I’m shocked….um, no.

The easiest thing to do in this mob-rule, troll invested, throw everybody under the bus, hyper-judging social world we live in…

(Wait, I forgot what I was going to say.)

Have you ever given thought to protecting your mind from “guaranteed-to-happen” trolls?

It’s absolutely true that most people want to be liked, a frailty of our human condition perhaps. 

But, I wonder.  How much does this hold me back?

Ever thought about it yourself?

I’m reading a book called Alter Ego, by Todd Herman.  

And it’s impacted me greatly, and I’m working pretty hard on making some changes to how I approach the “field of play”. 

I have to say, after competing as pretty high levels in both business and sports, I found his practical approach to peak performance worth implementing. 


Because I care…and I found that bad experiences in one area of my life, kind of carried over to others.

Not a great thing, and I really didn’t like it.  In fact, I hated it.  

(The early trolls got minor victories, but that’s being changed) 

As my client base has shifted from high level corporate executives (VP’s, CEO’s, and others) to a more Entrepreneurial base, I’ve noticed a very different approach to business.

There’s a lot more emphasis on mindset, and peak performance.  

Intrigued, I’m digging in…because the difference is startling.  


Well for one the layers in a larger company protect people from personal attacks.  There might be an ass chewing happening, but the personal slings-and-arrows get blocked and the company takes the hit.

Not so as an entrepreneur. 

You’re out there.  You’re producing content, stepping out, and risking yourself. 

The mental aspects of this far outweigh the tactical steps necessary to actually build a business.  

So, I’m curious…

What do you do to protect and strengthen your mind?

Or are you just an appetizer for the “troll under the bridge”…

Brando “Putting on the armor” Pugsley

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