Tore down in front of a crowd

So, let’s do a couple of hotseats…

“But, I don’t have my offer together”, I thought to myself. 

Being honest…I thought it sucked.

And…lucky me, I didn’t have to go first.

But, it’s always hard to stand in front of your peers and be vulnerable.

It’s one thing to speak from stage, or make a presentation.

You control the message, the tone, tempo…even the little jokes that keep you comfortable and your audience engaged.

But what do you do when you’re in a creation mode.

When you don’t have everything together and you’re trying to get it going.

Then you have to stand up in front of another group of entrepreneurs and share a raw truth.

When you’re bringing forth a new offer that hasn’t been proven yet…it’s just ‘half-baked’.

Do you get nervous…get defensive…justify and miss the point.

I watched a SME (a subject matter expert) get up in front of this group.

He tried desperately to explain his offer. 

And, if you’ve ever seen a kid with too much sugar, and too little sleep you’ll get an idea of what was happening.

The more pressing we did on him, the quicker he talked and dropped deeper into his jargon.

But…we worked, cajoled, and even pushed him.

It was uncomfortable for him.

Then it all changed, and he listened and adjusted.  Not that he really understood what he was being told…but he accepted it.

It’s only the first step, but over the last couple of days he’s made real progress on he got the breakthrough his was seeking.

Because when you’re trying to find that breakthrough…you don’t know.

You may have an idea, but it’s not the same.

The trust it takes to accept feedback is always impressive to me.

And we can always go deeper when people are receptive…and take action.

Was it me? (Maybe…and sometimes…)

But, herein lies the lesson that matters to each of us.

Greatness happens when you’re being pushed.

What’s your story?  Who pushes you onto greater things? 

I’d love to hear it…

Brandon “Reach higher” Pugsley

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