To Defend or attack…that is the question

I’ve trained in martial arts since I was about 10…

(For those counting at home, that makes me 16 🙂 )

Yesterday, we had instructors from 3 schools from around the country come together and train for a few hours.

Outside of competition, this doesn’t happen very often simply because of geography and timing.

I still teach, train, and push myself to get better.  I try new techniques, get put on my butt, and strive to apply what I’ve learned in a combative situation.

But, it’s different when you have a number of skilled martial artists together to train, spar, and push each other.

It’s fun!

There 2 major things that jumped out to me as we trained…

1. Speed 

I was able to go fast as we “fought”.  Working with people at higher skill levels allows you transition between defense and attack much faster.

2. Control

There are plenty of times where you could hurt someone (or yourself) when sparring. 

Hit them harder than necessary, go too hard on a certain technique, or simply let ego creep in and try to prove yourself.

That didn’t happen and it allowed everyone to work on things without worrying about getting injured.

How does all this testosterone infused “combat” translate?

In this case, imagine yourself as of instructors sparring each other, but the opponent is….

More clients, more sales, eliminating revenue holes, or maybe scaling.   

You’re focused on your opponent, and you’re fully engaged…passionate, committed, and fighting like hell.

When you’re engaged with a problem, you know what you’re seeing and what you’re doing to adjust to that issue.

What the instructor sees (from a little further away) is very different. 

That experience, perspective, and understanding of you AND your opponent is what allows the student to transition between defense and attack much faster.

They constantly adjust the speed and control to benefit you…

We all experience this, either in sports, business, or even with a trusted friend or spouse.

The different is the expertise being focused. 

So, take your morning cup of coffee, and look at your business with 2 questions:

  1. What tactic am I doing fast?  (Speed/Attack)
  2. What system have I put in place to make it repeatable? (Control/Defense)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Brandon “Get beyond the tactics” Pugsley

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