This is the easiest obsession…

How long do you work?

I was reading an article about a famous music producer, and how he works. 

He talked about how he comes in every day at 9, takes lunch at 1, and leaves at 5.  I loved this because in our world it’s very easy to get consumed by the clock.

He prioritized the time with his family, with his wife, and keeps doing things outside of his “job”.

(Which also give him new inspiration to develop new music, songs and records.)

I don’t know about you, but as my business is growing I have to continually face down the demons to “work harder”.  To consume every possible minute to get what I want to get done…

Some days I’m more successful than others.  Some days I have to fight that imposter syndrome…and kick it back out of my head.  OR, just run it over.

I can tell when I’m really focused because one of the kids will say something.  And it’s usually something simple…

“Dad, will you come and play foosball with me.”

It’s that little reminder of what matters, and to take that time.

Because it’s too easy…

Despite the best of plans to knock out one piece of a project, getting momentum is awesome and sometimes you don’t want to stop.  And time just rolls.

But, what about those days where you just consume the day…

Reading and responding to email, doing a little research, reading the news, getting stuck writing copy.  Maybe troubleshooting an issue with ads, or tech, or even something around the house.

“Man…I got nothin’ done today!”

How often have you said that?  It’s always a flag for me if I think it or say it 2 days in-a-row.

But momentum is a funny thing. When you have it you want to take advantage of it…but here’s the question… 

Can you build it into your systems?  Can you plan for it and schedule it so you balance everything you need to do?  And can you build the downtime into your schedule and still maintain momentum.

I believe the answer is yes. 

I’ve had my biggest successes when I blocked of work and downtime.  AND THEN STUCK TO THE SCHEDULE.

Funny thing…  I was 100X more creative after that mental break.  And the more I do that…the more productive my mind becomes.

Which translates into successes for my mind, with my family, and in my business.

Try it!

Brandon “Leverage your mind” Pugsley

P.S.  I’m super excited as I’m working on a program to help you layout and build a follow-up system that would be customized for your business.  

If you an issue that you’d like me to cover in the program, click here and let me know.  🙂 

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