The Stress-Free Hustle

You can’t throw a rock without hearing someone screaming about “hustle”. 

“Gotta hustle!”

“I can sleep when I die!”

“fire, ready, aim”

It’s almost become a cult. But, there are absolutely times when you need to hustle. 

Truthfully, I actually admire the people who are putting in the work because they see the results.

But, I’m pretty sure the bank doesn’t care one iota about how many hours it took you to build that deposit.

Of course, if you have one extreme, there’s got to be the other:

 “Set it and forget it…”


And of course the ever popular, “make money in your sleep”.

There’s no doubt we love things that make our lives easier.

I totally admit that I admire those people who’ve already done the hustle and don’t HAVE to anymore.  (Even if they keep going).

What a bunch of conflicted souls we are…right? 

So, what are you really seeking? 

Me, I want fast, simple, and stress-free.

I want to focus on things that make an impact (my hustle), and then do what I love to do (my stress free).

Thus, the paradox is revealed.

You can have fast, simple, and stress-free…but it takes hard work and time to set everything up.

Here’s the real rub.  If you ignore the setup, then what was stress-free becomes the hustle.

(If that bothers you, well, this isn’t fantasy land.)

SO, if you’re delivering results for your students, and your program, then you’ve already doing the hard part.

And if you want to see how to build on what you’re already doing…to setup fast, simple, and stress-free.,

Then it’s time to hustle on over:

Brandon “Keep It Simple” Pugsley

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