The samurai model of content creation

“I know nothing about surpassing others. I only know how to outdo myself.”-Bushido

It started as a comment…and I wanted to understand what I was hearing.

“Because the Gary V. model works”.

I get it…

He’s literally built a business around the concept of content creation, and he’s very transparent about his “hustle”. 

Whether you agree with him or not, like the concept or even give a rip…doesn’t matter.

He changed the way people look at business and social media, and he demonstrates and teaches a model that works.

It’s beautifully transparent.

But…he’s a content machine and has a full team that takes everything he does and churns it into all the videos, posts, articles, and the list goes on.

The key phrase there was TEAM.

If you’re building a team, and it fits what you want from your business…roll on with your bad self… 🙂

Having led a team of 400, that’s a path that I chose to leave.

Yes, it’s really about time.

And more importantly…where you want to spend it?

The focus on building an endless stream of content may not be the best investment of  your time now…

But let’s get crystal on this because some will think I’m against this.

Producing more content, faster, will 100% generate you more sales.

Because it’s really about your audience, and building that ongoing connection.  It’s also about you finding your voice, rather than that of the last training program you purchased.

Like the ancient Japanese samurai swords, they fold that steel over and over and over until it’s virtually unbreakable…ending with more than 1,000,000 layers.

That’s what a daily connection will do for you, your brand, your voice, and your business.

Build, fold, layer…strengthen.

So, what’s the most important step right now?

Talk to your audience…every day.  Email, social, video, bullhorn, smoke signals…I don’t care.   My tool of choice is email, but make it work for your personality.

Do that one thing…talk to your audience for 15 minutes a day, and you won’t recognize your business in a year.

Brandon “Take the first 15 for you” Pugsley

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