The paradox of having options

Having options is a good thing…right?

I like to have options.

Belts and suspenders if you will..

If one fails, I have the other to pick me up.

It gives you a sense of security.

Knowledge that if something goes wrong, there’s another path you can immediately start walking down.

I have this happening to me right now.  I have a great opportunity, and had another come in righ behind it. 

Both are great options, and it’s a great backup plan IF

But that’s the danger.  The downside.

When there’s an option, you tend to relax.

You don’t push as hard, maybe take your foot off the gas, and let things play out.

Ok, too many cliché’s in that sentence…J.

Now, I love being prepared as much as anyone. 

And,  I want to be able to handle the circumstances that come at me in a way that allows growth to continue.

Let’s get a little practical.  Have you ever mentally said this: 

“I’ve killed it this month!”

And then stopped selling…stopped hustling…and maybe coasted a bit.

Because momentum is a funny thing. 

It’s really hard to get going, and pretty easy to keep rolling.

But, when it starts to slow down, it’s just like starting over.

It’s. hard.

Your momentum…your ability to keep pushing and growing is more mental than technical.

But it does need good systems so it’s not as much about effort.

Take your Facebook ads…

Even if you have something working, are you testing new hooks, offers, or even finding out what’s the next problem your audience faces?

There’s a system for that, and it’s easy to ignore or forget…

However, a little caution: ignoring this is a dangerous way to live. 

Belts and suspenders after all…

Brandon “Testing is a habit” Pugsley

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