The myth that “customer service is a discriminator”

We sometimes order shoes from

It’s a pleasant experience, and when you have 4 kids the ability to order extras, make sure they fit, and send them back is really nice.

After we had ordered a few pair of shoes, we got a card in the mail.

Nothing fancy, we opened it up and there was a hand written note with a $25 gift card (and not to Zappos either…)

I was shocked, and in a really positive way.

We’ll definitely be using them again (and here I am writing an email about the experience in my business to my whole list.)

On the other hand…

Have you ever had a really bad customer service experience?

(Do you see how easy it was to remember that!!!)

There was a short article awhile ago from Seth Godin talking about customer service as a discriminator…

It made me think about all the automated phone trees, bots, automations, and systems that companies work hard to put into place…but drive the customer experience down.

How we’ve pushed our attention to so many areas, and tend to neglect the personal aspect of working with people.

I’ll pay more to work with people I like.

I’ll drive out of my way for a good experience. 

I seek out companies that want me as a customer.

What about you?

Some at this point, will jump up and down about how important customer service is, why the customer is always right, and any other over-generalities…

But, that’s not what I’m talking about.

Companies focus on and curate the people they want to do business with.

Here the myth begins…and many miss the point.

Why?  Platitudes have morphed into dogma, instead of their actual purpose…to connect with the people you want to do business with (and repel the others).​​

SO, let’s take a look at what how you’re curating and maturing your customer experience for the purpose of making more sales.  

I’m offering up a Marketing Audit to help you discover the hidden assets in your business…based upon what you already have…and give you a plan to increase your sales.

No fee.  No obligation.  And…

Because I’m in really in a generous mood.  If I don’t show you a new strategy to increase your profits during our call I’ll send you $100 for wasting your time!  

Let’s chat!

Brandon “Focus on the right customers” Pugsley 

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