The mother of all comfort foods…

Thanksgiving marketing lesson

It’s Thanksgiving and I wish you and your family a wonderful day of food, family and being together.

Do you ever wonder about how foods got started?

As the US gathers round the Thanksgiving table, there’s 1 side dish that will be served on more than 30 million tables this year.

And it started as an answer to a Q&A.  A content article J

In the late 1950’s, the Associated Press asked a company what would be a great side dish that was available in most American homes.

So, a lady named Dorcas Reilly came up with a recipe and they responded. 

That recipe ended up “going viral”

And today this single recipe generates around 40% of the sales for this one product.

All from this little piece of content.

Even better, when this recipe was first “tested” it didn’t do very well inside the company.  But her persistence gave time for more creativity

As you enjoy today with this little story of creativity, what’s the lesson?

Simple, tailorable, and actually solving client problems always has the best chance to win.

That and spending more time on your creative!   


6-ingredients.  Easily tailored.  And available to virtually everyone.

Have you figured it out???

The company is Campbells.

The product? 

Cream of Mushroom Soup (And this really took off when they began printing recipes on the cans in the 60’s).

The “mother of all comfort foods”?

The Green Bean Casserole.

Definitely wasn’t my first guess, but that little single piece of content now generates millions of revenue.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and today while you’re with your families (even that crazy Uncle) listen for stories, problems, and what people talk about. 

Take time to be creative…and then take a little more.

Inspiration comes from many different places.

Brandon “feeling grateful” Pugsley

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