The mistake of aiming for the middle

I’ve seen this same question multiple times in the last week… 

(I modified this a little to remove their offer, but the language hasn’t been changed). 

The majority of these 80% don’t care that much about their [main benefit] because they just connect it to [what they want]. And someone who’s chasing wealth focuses on production, rather than [their offer] in the first place.

So, to hit the majority of my market, I would have to show them the benefits of [their offer].

and how it will make them more productive.

My response…

Why do you need to hit the majority of your market?

There are millions of people looking to improve their…who are businessmen.

And it sounds like there’s a segment of the market you don’t want to serve, and that’s also a good thing.

Focus in on the submarket that you want to serve.

That smaller section of the market is already a multi-billion dollar market so…you’re in good company.

That’s a solution aware audience that you just need to focus on showing how you’re different.

So what’s the big takeaway…

Well, this is a very easy trap to fall into…but can you see it?

When we coach athletes, we spend a lot of time focused on “aim small, miss small”.

We need translate that to your market…because the goal is actually increasing sales.

The reaction is focusing on a specific avatar, even narrowing it down to a specific person.

That narrow focus isn’t actually what I’m talking about here…do you see the subtle difference?  

Anyway, this “dialing in” of a market is one of the first steps I work through with my clients, and how much easier their sales become…well, that’s the real benefit.

Have a great weekend!

Brandon “Follow the money” Pugsley

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1. Email Case Study

If you have an email list of 500 or more, you may be surprised on how many sales are hiding in plain sight.  If it’s bigger…the opportunity is significant.  As a case study, I’ll work with you one-on-one and we’ll setup a few emails to send to your list and document the results.  Just put “Email case study” in the subject line, and I’ll send you the details.

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