The loss of a Titan

No phone number…no email address…

Last I heard he was still charging $19,300 a day for consulting.

And the only way you could communicate with him was via FAX! 

(Any other way, and he would thow it away…even from his friends).

He was a tyrant about time, and a marketing savant.

When he was young he was told, “better find another program to sell before people figure out you’re no good”.

In a space that has many more charlatans as there are true savants, Dan Kennedy was a one of a kind.

Yesterday, he died.

He was the first person I studied when I decided to really learn marketing.

(It was humbling to go from making millions of dollars, to being a complete newbie).

Still is…

He push, cajoled, ranted and raved…

But, there was no bigger advocate for small business owners. 

His work will be studied for generations, and I’m thankful he taught so much…

This link is a letter from Dan himself, announcing his own death.