The dead fish attraction principle

Ever hear of Zig Zigler?

On the of most famous motivational speaker and sales trainers ever.

When he first started out, he had a habit that everyone said would cost him.  That it would tank his career.

Do you know what this audacious habit was?   
He would start every speech talking about his faith.    

How scandalous!

Why should you care?  After all Zig isn’t exactly gonna walk through that door and start booking sales for ya…

The point is that nobody cares about a dead fish. 

You can be the greatest in the world at what you do, but if you’re yawntastic…

Well, it’s gar-an-teed you’ll be completely ignored.

Zig understood that the only people he cared about in the room were his buyers.

The fundamental truth is that you need to call out to your buyers…educate and entertain them so they connect with you. 

By using edutainment, you automatically overcome so much…

And, nope, it doesn’t matter if you have a boring (or serious) program.  If your audience is too sophisticated.

Edutainment takes many forms…including ‘safe’ ones, and it doesn’t mean ‘low brow’.

No matter what you’re teaching or selling, you can take the boring corners of your program and turn them into interesting, fun, and even compelling messages. 

People absolutely love to be edutained. 

Think about the news programs?  Why are the opinion programs that highest rated?  Why do certain politicians, like The Donald or AOC, get more air time than other? 

It’s not about being smarter, or better, or anything like that.

It’s the edutainment factor that put people ahead.  That make people stop and pay attention.  That make people want to buy…from you.

This is literally costing you (depending on your size) ten-of-thousands, hundreds-of-thousands of dollars, or more every year.

Well, your opportunity is now…the best time to start is today.

And, this month’s edition of ‘The Daily Lead’ is going to give you a grab bag of ways to use edutainment.

To kick your idea factory into overdrive, and a give you enough paths so you can build your own adventure and fit it perfectly to your personality.

Brandon “this really is fun” Pugsley

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