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25 Email & Message Templates That Help You Deploy An "On-Demand" Sales Generating System:

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  • How to use your "bread and butter" to compel the right people to stop, pay attention, and ask to sign up.
  • A simple way to "turn around" a skeptic and smoothly move them onto your calendar.   
  • A genius shortcut to collect more leads and sales...without you saying a single word.
  • How to smoothly tap into the thoughts, fears, and goals of your prospect...without any hype whatsoever.
  • How to turn even stale, boring facts into a compelling message that excites people and leads to your program.
  • How to use the ever present "Troll" to generate even more leads and sales.  (You might even begin to look forward to being trolled...).
  • A 5-word opening that immediately positions your program as the desired alternative to you competition.
  • Secret attention grabbing technique so won't even care why it works.
  • An "almost magic" way to draw people to you and into your message.
  • A simple-as-pie way to connect with your prospect parents AND your current students (and it builds leads too)!
  • How to use your biggest "failures" in a way that creates a virtually irresistible draw to you and your program. 
  • A surprisingly powerful way to capture attention that paves the road for leads that turn into members.
  •  How to naturally disarm the "sales alarm" in your prospect's head (and book more intros and consults to boot)
  • A "diabolical" way to use progress to jack up retention rates, and generate new leads without effort. 
  • How to turn myths pushed by the so-called "experts" into more leads and sales
  • How "3 Mistakes that great instructors make that are choking off and driving away new leads" can be used to generate new leads and sales 
  • An ethical way to "be controversial" that positions you so prospects will seek you out.
  • How to reuse old videos and email that delivers a "shock and awe" package to groups of ravenous new leads.
  • The Superhero lead generation secret that makes it nearly impossible NOT to read;  and can fill your calendar (and your wallet) virtually every time you use it.    
  • And much more...

These 25 Email Template Ebook is packed with tips, templates, and approaches designed to generate more sales and connect with your audience.  Model these, and get started with today!  

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