The Best Way To Increase Your Sales

I see sooo many ads about funnels, strategies, and sales.

They crowd the newsfeed, fill your inbox, and show up in the mail.

Everybody talking about the “tip of the week”, or the super-duper-secret technique guaranteed to fulfill all your biggest dreams.

It feeds the hype cycle and makes it harder for everyone to grow.

There will always be those types of marketers and salespeople, so railing against them doesn’t do any real good.

I spent just a minute to highlight it…because there is another option.

You can actually be authentic, talk with the people who respect you enough to subscribe, and engage with them.

Not only will you make more sales, but other opportunities present themselves as well.

Really, I’m not judging.

I’ve wrote my fair share of the “4 hours left”, “1 day to go”, ‘final notice” emails…

And they will absolutely generate sales.

What I discovered, is that I was getting the wrong kind of customers.

I also found that they didn’t stick around very long either.

And, if you have to replenish your “prospect list” because you’ve burned them out, any business can get pretty tough.

So, look at your email as the long game.

It’s designed to connect and converse, just like a real personal email….:)

Have fun, be entertaining…both your customers and your wallet will thank you!

If you’d like to see how these types of email can impact you…

Brandon “No need for hype” Pugsley

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