The accursed good idea fairy…

I’m here to make you more sales.

Let’s flashback to 1991 for a second.

Bill Clinton was running for President, there was a lot of debate going about the message that his campaign should focus upon.

Like any smart enterprise, they had about 3 really solid points that they were building their message around.

1.  More of the same

2.  The economy, stupid

3.  Don’t forget healthcare (*Source:  Wikipedia)

The defacto campaign ending up being…it’s the economy, and it’s kind of taken on a life of its own since then. 

And, if you take out the word economy, and replace it with market…you end up with probably the most critical point that your sales message must connect to. 

It’s the market that decides. 

We spend a lot of time coming up with good ideas…

I actually called this process, “the good idea fairy”.

If you put a few people around a table and throw a problem out, you’ll get a number of viable solutions that you can use.

And they’re all good ideas.

But it doesn’t matter. 

No matter how good an idea, if it’s not tied into solving the problem that your customers want solved…it will struggle.

And…even worse, now you’re off on a dirt road that’s distracting you from the real target.

Your market.

You must continue to talk with your market…

Because it’s a living thing.  It changes, it evolves, and so do you.  You may feel connected to your ideal customer right now…

But you’re not. 

And the bigger you get, the more disconnected you become.  SO, you must make an effort to connect and stay connected with your prospective clients.

Whether you use webinars, Facebook, email, phone calls, or even consultations.

Constant interaction with your audience is critical.

The more you do it, the more the language, issues, problem areas, stories, and solutions reveal themselves to you. 

It’s the beauty of serving instead of selling…

…which, ironically, leads to more sales.

Brandon “Connect & serve” Pugsley

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