“That’s an outdated strategy…”

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards” – Steve Jobs

​​What if the old strategy works better than the new one 🙂 

The question came up as we were talking about the videos we’ve been seeing on Facebook

The “guru’s” are chattering about the newest Facebook hack and the mob it parroting it back since it’s now gospel.   

“I got trolled today…”, and we laughed.

Because no one who actually is building their business has time to troll someone else.  We’re creating ads, building funnels, following up with people who have given us their time.

“So what.”

What does a strategy’s age have to do with building out a campaign…no matter if it’s an ad or email.

Does it work and does it leverage the assets you have in place? 

That question’s a lot more relevant because now were talking about data rather than an opinion.  That leads to whether the there are issues in the ad, the landing page, the offer, or the follow-up sequence. 

Data…not opinion. 

Ads eventually fatigue…hooks change with culture…but the psychology and strategies are same now as they were 100 years ago.

Oh…those ads that were “outdated” are generating 14 cent buyers for an educational product!


It’s not a magic pill, it’s not a “hack”, it’s really about building the relationship.

And…that spans the media…Facebook, Instagram, email…all of it.

Play the long game and realize that each time you engage your investing in your clients, and yourself.

Enjoy the journey!

Brandon “Laugh more; stress less” Pugsley

P.S.  I’m super excited as I’m working on a program to help you layout and build a follow-up system that leverages email that you’ll be able customize for your business.  

What would you like to see in the program, click reply and let me know.  🙂 

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