Terminator-like approach to killing sales

I was a panel speaker at a conference today.  

A few hundred people attended to hear how they could win more business with a rather tough customer.  

It was a little dry.  Ok, fine.  It was a bunch of suits doing their best impression of a funeral convention.  They were so stiff, I swear some were disguised terminators (but from the 80’s)


Everyone beefing about how hard it is to build a biz, and complaining about cheap prices.  

Stiff.  Mechanical.

But, when you stripped away all the B.S., jargon, and ego it really boiled down to:

“How do I get people to buy if they don’t know me”. 

The discussion was…clunky.  (And I really did try to inject a little levity…)

But, it doesn’t matter.

No matter who you are, we all have to deal with this at some point.  And, if you want to keep growing, you have to keep dealing with this…

And I felt absolutely compelled to pull it back-to-basics (and stir the pot a little as well).  

“If you don’t know your market, you can sell till the cows come home but people will never buy.”

Not exactly the tiptactic that they were looking for…but the battle continues:

They want people to purchase, but they don’t understand the problems they face… 

They don’t know the vision being worked for…by their customer.

And they don’t position their solution so that it actually solves those pesky problems.  

Lastly, they’re stinkin’ boring. (Put your best terminator quote right here.) 

No wonder people glaze over at these things.

No matter.  Fun is a choice, so I made it 🙂 

Simple stuff, but the better you know your market…the more leads you get.

The more you talk to your market…the more sales you make.

The more sales you make…the less price resistance you’ll face.

If you want to learn how to connect with your audience, have some fun with this, and build a program that as unique as you are…

Brandon “T’ll be back” Pugsley

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