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How to Attract Clients Online Without Helping Your Competition

Have you noticed that most of your successes in converting prospects to clients happen in person? That you have challenges getting clients from your online footprint (aka, your digital infrastructure), even if you’re getting consistent traffic to your website? You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault. Our world is changing, if it hasn’t changed […]

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3 Ways to Focus Content on Conversion of Leads to Clients

If you have been in business longer than about 24 hours, you know that getting people to your website and actually having them become a customer is not about publishing a few articles and watching the cash roll in. There are a number of problems and issues that are setup to distract people and keep a […]

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5 Steps to Build Your Customer Journey Map

Have you figured it out? I suspect you’re like most business owners and you spend virtually all of your time taking care of your current customers. Then, in the time you have left over, usually in the evening, you write articles, make videos, make some phone calls, and spend some time focused on closing any […]

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