Surefire way to cannibalize your market

Think back to the last ah-maz-ing meal you had?

Can you smell it?  Taste it?  Is your mouth watering a little?  Was it home cooked or at a restaurant?

Now, did you share the experience, either with your friends or on social?

My bet…probably yes.

We love to share fantastic experiences.  And, even if you don’t share it right away, if someone asks for a recommendation we jump right in…

The martials arts school we train at has something called, “Parents Night Out”. 

They take the kids, teach a short class, throw some pizza at them, play a little dodge-ball, and tell the parents to have an evening for themselves.

I always have this mental picture 50 or so kids tearing into the pizza, tails wagging, and absolutely devouring that meal…it brings a smile to my face every time.

They don’t charge for this…and it’s completely open to the public. 

Pretty cool right?!

I know I’m quick to talk about this to people who have kids…their exact target market.

Remember that amazing meal.  I assume you’d go back, right?  

What if it was bad?  Yeah, didn’t think so…

It’s easy to consume your market, particularly with paid traffic.  But picture all those hungry kids, and now make them opinionated adults on social.

If your clients don’t get results, all marketing does is consume your audience.  Just like all those hungry kids devouring pizza on a Friday night.

But, when you engineer results into your system…

You can build and scale knowing you’re delivering that mouthwatering meal that people will continue to talk about.

Then, when you market, when you want to expand, you don’t cannibalize your market…you build it. 

A not so subtle difference…

Brandon “Build in the results” Pugsley

P.S.  I’m getting ready to stand up a small Case Study group.  Expect it to last about 6 weeks.  If you’re interested in adding an additional 10K a month to your business, just reply and I’ll share the details.  

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