Sure Fire Way To End Up A “Smoking Hole”

I spend quite a bit of time studying the psychology of persuasion.

One of the people that I’ve learned a tremendous amount from is the late great Jim Camp. 

Known as the ‘most feared negotiator’ in the world, Camp’s system was so good that the FBI brought him in to rebuild their hostage negotiation program.

Figured there might be a couple of nuggets there…

Anyway, one of the principles that Jim talks about is creating vision.

For fighter pilots, their supreme confidence provides a belief that can do virtually anything.

But when something goes wrong (and it will eventually), you follow your training process or…

End up as a “smoking hole”.

When you talk to people in the military who deal with things like fighter crashes, they’ll tell you that often they have to dig down 8…10…15 feet to get to what’s left of the pilot when they crash.

Quite a vision right?

“Alright, so what’s the point”

A little patience if you will…‘ol impatient one.

Here’s a common throw away comment I sometimes hear:

“I don’t need help closing because I do pretty good there.  I just need to book more intros”.

See the vision?

He sees what the problem is, and it mostly comes back to “can you help me meet my vision”.

Let’s be clear here.  It’s not always a conscious thought, but it’s there. 

He sees his “smoking hole”.

When you’re able to find and present their vision, and you keep coming back to it, selling is actually pretty easy.

Well, guess what?

I’ve found that this principle is ‘tailor made’ for a daily message…when done correctly. 

This is because it ensures that your messages don’t feel like (1) blatant sales pitches, or (2) everyone else’s program.

I talk about deploying this process in detail in The Daily Lead letter (and of course there are examples too).

So, do you see your smoking hole?

Brandon “without vision we perish” Pugsley

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