Sunburns, smiles, and S’mores…oh my!

“That was the best day ever!”

Yesterday, we had a few friends over for the 4th.

It was a blast of a day, and we setup a bunch of different activities that would allow the kids (a whole gaggle of em’) to just be kids and play all day.

We definitely went for the “Over-stimulation for 1,000 Alex” approach…I mean we setup:

  • A tire swing
  • A slip-n-slide obstacle course
  • An American Ninja cargo net
  • A couple of sumo bounce tubes
  • A pirate pool
  • Some water guns
  • And of course some Fireworks
  • Smores

It worked like a champ…and the kids played all day long.

(Us dads even put on the sumo suits for a session of adult tomfoolery that made everyone laugh!)

As the we sat on the patio sipping an adult beverage (much too dangerous to have in the quantities we had available) we noticed this pattern…

All the kids congregated and played with just ONE of the activities.

The simplest one…The Pirate Pool.

This pattern is easy to see in so many areas…take your customers.

People seek a hoard of options looking something they want.

They get lots of options, opinions, details, reviews, and fluff.

It all starts to blend together, and they end up mentally locked up.

(They literally don’t know what to believe…or what to do next.)

So, whoever cuts through all this mental foam with the clearest, simplest message, at the right time will get the business.

Seen it countless times.

The big takeaway is to keep putting your message out…every day.

Because you don’t know when your customer is going to hit “the right time”.

And guess what…it’s not going to work most of the time, but this is about consistency not perfection.

Automate it.  Write it.  Record it.  Ads.  Post it. Facebook it. Tweet it. Email…whatever.

It doesn’t really matter…just keep doing it.

Because the sunburns and smiles are the real reason we do-what-we-do.

Well, if you want to get a jump on your competition, my 4th of July offer may be a good fit.

A done-for-you email campaign designed to stand out, and get a response.

But, I’m limiting this to couple of clients:

Brandon “Simple and consistent” Pugsley

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