Strangling Your Creative Mind?

Martial artists as a whole are quite a unique bunch.

(Full disclosure, I’ve been training about 10 and teaching since I was 19.  That puts me almost three decades into this journey that completely changed my life).

For one, martial artists love the structure and discipline of a “Military Art”.

They love the physical nature of their art, love to train, and are immensely loyal.

But the most successful ones typically rebel against being overly constrained. 

They know what they’re seeing, and they have a natural feel.  

They know they need a framework.  A set of guide posts to keep things on track. 

But those posts need to be far enough apart to allow their creativity and personality to come out through their interpretation of the art.


Because when a system puts a blood choke on the gifts delivered by an instructor, it reduces the art to a series of techniques.

In other words, it turns an amazing art into a commodity.  No different than buying milk or groceries…

And your customer begins to ask, “Who has the cheapest price?”

Because they just don’t know.

You know there’s a massive difference between the precision of watching (or fighting) a technician vs. the grace and beauty (and sense of helplessness) when engaged with a true master.

That predictability in fighting, in combat, is the fastest way to “eat one”.

After all, many attacks, counters, re-counters are common to virtually every art…so what’s the difference?

Well, the application of those techniques, and the timing, is what sets apart the victor from the vanquished.

But you need more…

You need the ability to think and not think at the same time.   

In a word, you need…creativity.

That’s where your ability to think, to create, and to progress sets you (and your program) apart..

That’s also how I build and deliver my program.

A framework that builds, step-by-step in alignment with your expertise.  Supporting your knowledge, and encouraging your creativity.

That way you begin to notice the ‘telegraphing’ of your audience.

Of what works, what connects, and how to rise above so you’re positioned as “THE CHOICE”!

Smoothly booking intros and consults sans effort.   

Alright, enough touch.  Let’s roll…

Brandon “free the creative beast” Pugsley

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