Spooky email sequence that 18x’d revenue…

It was a good training.

We had a decent sized audience on the live session, but nothing that was going to break records.

The presentation was solid, the offer was good. 

But this was a very small segment of a list.

I was expecting some decent sales.

Not 2.

In a word…disappointed.

So, it was time to get to work.

Needed to pull this wreck out of the fire, and turn it into something solid.

I love this kind of challenge.

We turned this whole thing around with a 4-email campaign.

48 hours later, a quick run through the system showed we’d more than 18x’d the sales.

Concept proven…now I can add this into the system and being the next steps.

But…what made this work?

There’s no way I could have pre-wrote that email campaign.

With a price point that’s close to $1K, no amount of ‘arm twisting’ was going to make it work if it wasn’t a good fit.

So, what was the difference? 

Well, the most important was my knowledge of the little subsection of the market. 

Know. Your. Market.

This is beyond research, this only happens when you’re interacting with your audience on a regular basis.

(Yet another reason why I’m such a believer in frequent email with your list)

But, it doesn’t have to be your list.  For example, it could be a group too.  The interaction with your audience allows you to develop that deeper feel for what’s troubling them.

Not just are they getting stuck, but how they’re stuck and what’s the types of questions they’re asking. 

That detail allows you to build the gap between where they are, and where they want to go.

When you have a way to solve that problem, now you get sales without all the salesy techniques that a sophisticated market really doesn’t like.

Simple, authentic, and profitable.

No trick or treat required.

Brandon “Go deeper with your audience” Pugsley

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