Social media horror story…

Social media horror story...

“I have NO idea what to post about!”  

Not saying he shouted it, but the grimace and frustration on his face was obvious.

For others…the blank stare was even more telling. 

Basically, pleading with me to tell him what to post.

But my evil, diabolical ways are not that simple. 

So I created a ‘blank slate’, and tried not to reveal…anything.

Inwardly I was excited because, I just needed that one example and the flood gates would open.

So, I waited…impatiently.

A whole team is watching each other.  Not wanting to move first…because it’s new.  

They don’t want to look bad, or be judged for taking that scary first step. 

Do you see yourself in the mirror?  (But this is really about them…or at least you can keep telling yourself that…)

It’s an easy trap we all fall into, so maybe a little ‘buck up’ is in order!

No matter what service you deliver, the stories you tell aren’t about your service.

If you’re a coach, 90% isn’t about what you coach.

It’s about your clients, students, athletes, or whatever you call those who you help get results. 

Why will people spend 3 hours watching a movie in a theater, but we hear about how short our attention spans have become? 

Because it’s about the story, not about the activity. 

Can you see that difference?

Well, that carries over to your messaging, to your social media, to your ads, and even to your offer. 

Because people can learn a skill virtually anywhere…hell, YouTube probably has 1,000’s of hours on it already.

But you.  Only you provide the personal human connection that allows someone to truly ACHIEVE.

Big difference…

Brandon “Show em’ the journey” Pugsley

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