“Sniper at your feet”

Can you see them…

​​In the movie “Clear and Present Danger”, there’s a scene where there are about 6 trained soldiers looking for a sniper.  
They have binoculars, experience, and a runners in the field that they can direct to find the sniper hiding in plain sight. 
As he shoots the targets…over and over…these experts can’t find him.  
Eventually they give up, and call out…  “All right, you won this one…come out”.
As he stands up, and he’s just a few steps from the people searching for him.  One of the instructors says, “How did you get so close to us?”
“By being a sneaky bastard Sargent Major”, the sniper screams back.  
Well, your opportunity to grow is right on top of you too…
Can you see it?  
Or is it like looking at one those pictures with the snipers hiding in it, and all you see are trees, bushes, and grass.  
You know it’s there but no matter how hard you stare at that picture you can’t see them.
But once someone points them out, then you can see em clear as day.

The interesting thing is those little pictures are positioned so you can actually see them.  They’re giving you the ability to find them, even if most people have difficulty doing so.
It’s the same thing when you’re looking to scale. 

When you want to add another revenue stream onto your business, and you’re looking out trying to find that “sniper”.
What’s blocking your view?  
Is it your time?  Or is it your money?  Regardless, you’re going to invest one…
We’re trucking forward, and I’ve been working with a number of people to really get clear on their plan to add to their revenue base. 
Spend a little putting those ‘big blocks’ into you plan.

Brandon “Hiding in plain sight” Pugsley

P.S. If you’re already making some sales with a funnel, and are looking to add an additional revenue stream to your business (I target adding 30-50K a month).  Just click here and put “New Revenue” in the subject line. 

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