Simple habits to elevate your game into the Top 1%

There are three kinds of lies:  lies, damn lies, and statistics – Mark Twain

We live if the most amazing time in history because we can reach out and touch our market every day…and do it virtually free.

And in my humble (and 100% biased opinion) it’s just about habits.

A while back I ran across a “secret” about how to get yourself into the Top 1% in your market.  (The original tweet was credited to Alexander J.A Cortes.)

Drum roll please…

“Spend 1 hour on any one of the following:

  • reading a hard book
  • intense physical practice/training
  • writing

Do all three daily, and you’ll be within the top 1%…in 5 years, guaranteed.”

This is one of those lists that passes the gut check, and I nodded and thought…”bout right”. 

So, I grabbed that quote and stuck it in my “idea file”.


Because most people see something like that and agree, and then go right on scrolling.  Or go back to binge watching Game of Thrones…

But, I love to study persuasion and motivation.

Let me roll up on those “lies” for a minute…

Zen Planner, who provides fitness business software, just released their Martial Arts Benchmark report for 2019.  A couple “statistics” jumped off the page to me:

  • 84% of your leads interact with you digitally BEFORE they interact with you personally (a la; Facebook, Google, and your website).
  • Referrals are the most common way new people find you.
  • 51% sign up for some kind of agreement if they come to an intro.

BTW, in my experience these points are virtually identical to other industries.

So let’s put these two trains of thought onto a collision course.

All three of the needle moving numbers highlighted by Zen Planner can be impacted by using a daily message like I teach in “The Daily Lead”.

Plus, I can help you knock out two of the three habits to jumping into the 1% of your market.

The irony is…I’m guessing that only about 1% will take action.  Which is in perfect alignment with your program too 🙂

Anyway, the deadline to get the July edition is approaching fast.

Brandon “the secret to getting ahead is getting started” Pugsley

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