“Simple can be harder than complex”

This quote from the illustrious Steve Jobs highlights an easy trap.

Easy is a lot harder than complex. 

It’s actually very easy to add a bunch of fancy automation to a system, but this crazy machine that (on paper) makes it look like it’ll take care of your business for you…quickly becomes much more work than it’s worth.

Fixing issues, troubleshooting automations, list burning, and…looking just like everyone else..

Simple is hard…because you have to think.

You have to plan.

You have to be in front of challenges, issues, and your programs rather than reacting to the most recent issue or staring at a revenue shortfall.

But what are people actually doing with email? 

Here’s a sampling of whats taught:   Build an autoresponder, a soap operate sequence, a 4-day cash machine…and the list goes one.

“48 hours to go”…”24 hours”…”Final Notice”…

Does this work? 

To some extent…yes…

But when you treat your list this way, it’s predictable.  It’s also boring and people will tune you out.  Quickly!

There’s a massive psychological concept here that I love to use in email…

But it’s not a trigger, trick, or tactic you use. 

It’s a connection with your clients. 

I use story to relate something in my life to business in a humorous or entertaining way.

And there’s always something in every email that you can apply right way, but the idea is way simpler. 

Of course there’s a place for the deadline sequence…but that’s not simple.  It’s robotic.  Your clients are more than a pile for a cash grab. 

Connect, build relationships, and serve.

Then when you have a promotion, they’re actually willing to buy.  They’re willing to do.  And…they’ll get RESULTS.

That makes them trust you more, and maybe even buy again…

See.  Simple.

Brandon “Breaking It Down” Pugsley

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