Screaming in frustration (and hearing laughter back)

It was supposed to be a 5 minute job.

We all have the “honey do” list.  Sometimes these are big projects, other times they’re small little things that can be knocked out quickly.

For me, there’s very little that I worry about tackling…

But then there’s plumbing. 

“It’s a simple fix” is something that other people say, and I see the Tasmanian devil in disguise.

A 5-minute job turns into 3 days of mismatched parts, 250 trips up and down the stairs, and better leave daddy alone because he’s “grumpy” remarks to the kiddos.

And as I laid there…flat on my back…looking at the broken cartridge where my faucet used to be…I knew…

I wanted to embrace my inner Tim-the-tool-man…I wanted power.

In this case, explosives…because I was DONE!   

This happens all the time in business too.

Spend 8 hours chasing a broken link, a glitch in the system, writing 1 stinking email, or simply configuring a funnel…

It adds up fast!

When you’re first getting started this is a good plan, as you develop empathy for the poor soul who you’re going to hire to take care of those issues….

But…it’s not good use of your time.

And screaming at the computer only makes it laugh at you, and hide the error someplace you’re already looked J

There are soo many tasks that you do that should be done by someone else…it’s kind of scary.

(Ok, maybe that’s just me…but I doubt it.)

You must be deeply involved in your marketing, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all.

You absolutely must focus on tasks that generate revenue…because that’s your primary skill.

And, I believe that (once you have a little bit of revenue) finding someone to help you will accelerate your growth.

It’s simply a matter of time.

For example, I write my own email (and some of my other copy…).

But, I have no desire to run my Facebook Ads.  The skill set and my personality are different enough that it doesn’t work. 

How do I know this? 

Because I did it…I did the work, developed the skills, and understand it’s not a good fit for my skills and personality. 

I work best putting together the strategy, then knocking out the funnel, and the email.  Then working with my Ads manager to drive traffic to the page. 

Doing it that way allows me to work more effectively, and leverage my biggest asset…time.

Now, what about you?

What’s one area where you’re leaking time doing tasks that would be better performed by someone else?

And, if the funnels are email are not your best use…we can chat…

Brandon “Plug those leaks” Pugsley

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