Scratching the brain itch of ‘beautiful tactics’

Saw a video the other day of our friends daughter who’s a ballet dancer.  The grace and beauty watching her move was amazing.

I see that fluid beauty in martial artists as well.  People that are graceful when they move, with an almost “dancer-like” flow in their technique.

You watch them, and are like…wow…effortless.

Spend more than 5 minutes online, and you’ll see plenty of tactics glossed up and made to look pretty…to look like results.  

This makes my brain itch, because I gravitate to the other end of the spectrum.

To the application.

In martial artists, you can see this in ‘fighters’.

The gait is different.  Still polished, but different.  It’s not the smooth ride of a high end luxury vehicle. 

More like the rumble of a high end muscle car.

They show a different kind of grace, and it’s got an edge.  It’s got power.  You’ve got to know how to handle it or you could get into trouble.

This is the combative side of their art.  Like when you open up a muscle car, too heavy a right foot and she’ll ‘get loose’ quick.

Fighters.  Combatants.  Man or woman…doesn’t matter. 

It’s how they process space, distance, timing, and technique.

Watching them demonstrate technique is nice, but man…put them into a combative situation and they come alive.

There the smooooth comes out…

The precise reach of their opponent.  The angles, and weight movement.  A slight change in body position or footwork.  Eye movement.  Tells…  A thousand little things that the ‘lay person’ never notices.

It’s really the ability to dictate a “fight” and control every. little. thing. 

Progress is made through the lens of, if you can’t apply it in a fight…it’s just art.

And they work that ‘apply it’ system.

Because it’s a system that works…like a finely tuned machine.   

And, it works for more than just the teacher.

That’s a focus on results.

Now both styles actually work, but aligning the presentation with your personality…that what delivers.   

Anyway, onto the application of business.

Right now, I’m looking for a couple of folks who want to deploy a results oriented email campaign.

This is a done-for-you opp. 

But, I can only take a couple of clients at a time…

Brandon “Application always wins” Pugsley

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