Scary Saturday and waaay too much sugar

What could go wrong?

A belt test, a graduation, a school party, a costume party, and yet another birthday party.

All on one day, oh, and let’s throw a malfunctioning car battery into the mix just to make things interesting.

So, while Mel ran the kids to the graduation, I cooked dogs, and tried to figure out whether the battery needed ‘a jump’ or it was toast.

It was toast.

What does this have to do with you? 

Quite a bit actually.

Because there are going to be certain days that no matter how much you plan…

No matter how hard you try…

I’ll just be time to put your head down, and in the immortal words of Larry The Cable Guy…

“Gir r done”.

I look at my own wish list of tasks I want to get done every day, and it’s always growing.  My production can’t keep up with how fast my mind works.

And I’d bet you’re in the same situation.

You could pillage the Halloween candy and try and power through on sugar, or maybe the kiddos have enough for everyone.  

(I hear gummy bears work great as a bribe…just saying).

But when it comes time to focus on the what actually moves the business forward in the most efficient way…we often feel like those kiddos the day after Halloween.

Either “all over the place”…or, in  a “sugar coma”. 

That’s why you’ve got to have someone outside of your business helping.  Even Fortune level CEOs have a Board to help keep them on track.

It’s just too easy to get off course, and you won’t realize it until you’ve wasted a bunch of time and money.

That’s the value of an outside perspective.

So make sure that in all your ‘busy’, you’re putting aside that quiet time to reflect and think. 

The impact is well beyond time…

Oh, and all those non-business activities that totally blew-up my plan for a productive Saturday…

It was awesome!

Have a great day, and if you need a little ‘pick-me-up’, I may have some candy to spare J  

Brandon “Sugar not included” Pugsley

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