Rachel…Joel…and now Russ Henneberry (diving into content!)

Interview with Russ Henneberry

“Just ship it!” – Russ Henneberry

Content is often looked at as a massive undertaking.  

Is like the Troll under the bridge…making scary noises, might even look big and bad, but you still have to get over that bridge. 

But…do you REALLY have to? 

Social is incredibly powerful, and that power cuts both ways.

It can become a consumption engine…or a production engine.  

Our natural tendency is to produce content and deliver that to our tribe.  For our clients and customers.  

This is ‘down and in’ production.

In order to expand your influence, attract your audience, and grow…you have have focus that is ‘up and out’.

But how? 

So, I called up Russ Henneberry (one of the key folks that grew Digital Marketer, and to talk about content creation…

I wanted to deliver you the kind of material that you could act on, and he graciously agreed to spend some time letting me pull out a simple process that you can execute today.

Here’s just a few things we covered…

-How to get started fast (event if you don’t have a team to do it for you).

-The way he pivoted from Digital Marketer to his current business…and how he even “freaked out a little” about producing content for his new venture.

-1 Action you can take today (in less than 5 minutes) to start building your audience and ship content that allows you to make smart decisions. 

There’s so much more I could go into, because this interview was a lot of fun.  

He really delivered a simple process to help you pivot, and take action.

Join us…

Because…People are awesome!

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