Running across the yard, I wondered if he would make it…

I heard the crash.

Watched the car slide hundreds of feet across the yard…

Hoping that somehow it would miss the trees…

Hoping that it would miss the concrete and rock pillar in the yard…

The boom told me that it didn’t… “F!!!”

As I grabbed my coat and bolted out of the house…I was having flashbacks to years past.

Remembering the pager trip, jumping into my car, and speeding off to the fire station.

There was young man’s excitement BACK THEN…

Right now, I was wondering what I was going to find, and working to keep my mind clear so I could react fast. 

My mind began working through the many possible combinations, just like I’d been trained.

5 seconds ago, I was working on a campaign for a client.

And in the blink in an eye…everything changed.

I was rushing out to a wreck, where I might be fighting to save someone’s life. 

This happened in my front yard…yesterday.

But how many times do we head out to work, to a client meeting, to run errands, and not give it a second’s thought. 

ONE second…can change everything.  A blown tire, a failed axel, a heavy wind gust, a tire dropping off the edge of the road, the wheel jerking in our hands… 

And yet, we spend how much time focused on revenue, new clients, new products.

There’s so much more to you than a business.

And how much time do spent focused on things…instead of your mission or your family.

That driver…he was ok, and walked away from a totaled car without anything other than a case of the shakes. 

As I looked back at the marks in the yard, saw the gouge from where the tire “caught an edge” and was pulled off the road…

3 feet to the right, and that concrete and fieldstone pillar goes through his windshield.  To the left he hits a tree head-on at a pretty high speed.

So, I said a little prayer of thanks for watching out for that young man.

And reminded myself… every day is truly a gift. 

Brandon “Take the time” Pugsley

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