Many of the questions I get are about “how”, and the tools that are used for different channels, posts, and material.  So, here is a listing of resources that I use and recommend.

I’ll add to it as I learn more, and I’ll reference this page often.  I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Have fun!

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  (I call this my Starbucks budget!)  Please understand that I have experience with these companies and products.  I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.  


I find myself recommending these resources again and again, in emails and to clients.  I use them because they make my life easier, and because they save me time.  I’m confident you’ll agree too.

Click Funnels

I’ve built quite a number of marketing & sales funnels.  Click Funnels has delivered the easiest to deploy method that I’ve used.  It takes the techie out of tech, and makes is quick, simple, and
The software lets you create:
  – Squeeze Page Funnels…
  – Automated Webinar Funnels…
  – Product Launch Funnels…  (like Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula)
  – Sales Funnels (and integrates w/ your favorite shopping carts!)
  – Membership sites…
And it’s literally done in just a few minutes…
This account will give you access for 2 full weeks so you can look under the hood and have some fun!

Try Clickfunnels

 Active Campaign

Active campaign is the email suite that I use for my personal site, and the one I recommend when you’re ready for automation and integrating advanced marketing and “behavioral response” into your funnel.

Although this is an extremely powerful platform, it has a wonderful user interface and is much simpler to implement than something like Infusionsoft.  It allows you to grow into the complex system, without a major cost and it has a very strong community supporting the system.

Highly recommended!

Try Active Campaign


Pulling an image off the web and using it without permission is a quick way to get into trouble.  Purchase for use, or ensure you use the Creative Commons license.

Canva: This is where I build all of my graphics.  They have a variety of text fonts, images, and layouts available to hit every social media platform.  For the most part this is a free service, but there are components available for $1 apiece.

iStockPhoto: This is where I purchase royalty-free images that I use on my sites.

Free Image Sites.  I use these sites when I’m looking for stock images that I can use.  No benefit to me, but good for your reference:

Pixabay    KaboomPics


Active Campaign:  I use active campaign for my personal site, and have installed and recommended it to clients.  The ability to use advanced automation, and build funnels that response to a visitors behavior is fantastic.

Active Campign has a simple user interface, and has done a nice job of taking what could be an extremely confusing capability (marketing automation), and making it east to implement and understand.

This is the system I use when I build funnels and automation for my clients.

SumoMe: Sumome comes an amazing suite of free tools to help grow your blog and increase traffic.  277 thousand websites and counting.  Heat maps, content readers to show what really matters on your site.  Fantastic!


Google Analytics: Google’s free website tracking and analytical tool. A must have for anyone with any type of website.



Some of the best guidance I have ever received on Copywriting came from Gary Halbert.  He recommended a series of books to read (which I did…and recommend).  The lessons and things I learned from these books has generated millions of dollars through previous employers, clients, and now my own business and for those I work with…

The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches: DYNA/PSYC Can Give You Everything in the World You Really Want! – Joe Karbo

Scientific Advertising – Claude C. Hopkins

Breakthrough Advertising – Eugene Schwartz

Seven Steps to Freedom II: How to Escape the American Rat Race by Suarez, Benjamin D. (1995) Hardcover – Benjamin Suarez

How to Write a Good Advertisement  – Victor O. Schwab

The Robert Collier Letter Book – Robert Collier

Tested Advertising Methods (5th Edition) (Prentice Hall Business Classics)  – John Caples.

This link is to the 5th edition, but consensus within the copywriting community is that the 4th Edition is better.  Amazon doesn’t link to the 4th Ed, so expand the info in the page and you should be able to find it.  (fingers-crossed).

The Boron Letters – Gary Halbert


ScreenFlow (for Mac users) – the screen capture software I’m currently using.

Camtasia for PC (Camtasia Studio) – for screen captures

Equipment & Setup:  You don’t need to get crazy on the equipment.  I don’t have an expensive setup, and it does a very nice job.

These are my primary lights for the traditional 3-point lighting:
LimoStudio Photo Video Studio 2400 Watt Softbox Continuous Light Kit with Overhead Head Light Boom Kit, 2 x Softbox Light Kit, 1 x Softbox Light Kit on Boom Kit, All Light Boxes Come with 4 x 45 Watt 6500K CFL Total 12 Bulbs, Carrying Case, AGG891

These 2 lights are for lighting your background. Get the “barn doors” on the lights, and get LED’s as they won’t radiate as much heat.  (Don’t forget your batteries).
Bestlight® Double LED-204 Multi-Functional LED Video Light with 32″/80cm Mini Aluminum Alloy Light Stands for Canon Nikon Pentax Olympus Samsung Panasonic DSLR Cameras DV Camcorders

For Backdrops…I have one, but have just worked to use a wall or outdoors.  I want to be fast about getting video done, so any additional effort for setup and tear down is something I don’t have.

I use my iPhone for most of my video.  Good quality, and I already have one.  A simple tripod and a lavalier mike and you’re all set!


Google Adsense: Make money by placing relevant ads on your website.  These are generated from advertisers using Google Adwords. This is free to use, but you have to register for an account.  Personally, I don’t use this method, but there are many sites that do and generate ad revenue.

Google Adwords: If you want to begin advertising on Google, you can select keywords and locations and you pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement.

Facebook Ad Policy:  Planning on using Facebook to drive traffic to your website, or advertise products/services.  You MUST be intimately familiar with the Facebook Ads Terms of Service.  Use this bookmark, review it weekly as they change it frequently (and don’t let us know).